Hero – Parent Communication

HERO is our electronic school management system that we use as our main source of communication and reporting to our school community.
HERO has an online student portfolio and reporting tool, which gives parents easy access to their child’s learning, via an individual account.  The account is specific to you and your child/ren and is connected to the email address that is on file at school. Parents can either share access to an account, or have one each, depending on their preference, as long as the email address you are using is in our system. One account will provide you with access to the learning information for all your children who are enrolled at Parakai School.
We believe that a strong home-school partnership is vital in supporting our students to achieve their very best. HERO is designed to strengthen this partnership by providing students and parents with more regular, relevant and up to date learning information, via an easy-access, secure, online platform.

To set your password and log into Hero for the first time:

1. Download the Hero by LINC-ED app from the app store
Note: use the keywords Hero LINC-ED when searching for the app
Alternatively, open your browser and enter go.linc-ed.com 
2. Click NEW USER
3. Enter the email address you have provided the school and click SUBMIT
If your email address is not accepted, please contact our school office.
4. You will receive a message confirming a password email has been sent
5. Open your email inbox and click on the Hero Password Reset email
If you do not receive a Hero Password Reset email, check your spam folder.
6. Open the email and click Reset your password
7. Enter a secure password (8 or more characters), verify this password then click SUBMIT. This will log you into Hero.
8. The next time you sign into Hero enter your email address and your chosen password. Click SUBMIT