School Bus Information

We have a free school bus service for eligible students.  This is operated by Ritchies and covers the following areas:
* Fordyce Road – traveling up as far as Crosland Road in South Head*.
The Ministry of Education criteria for eligibility for school transport is that students attending Year 1 – 8 schools must live at least 3.2 km from the school (over the shortest public road or pedestrian route from the home roadside gate to the school’s front gate). 
All bus pupils must fill in a Bus Code of Conduct and follow the rules to avoid losing their privilege to use the bus service.
Bus Rules:
  • Sit down straight away and remain in my seat for the whole journey
  • If I am standing, I will stand behind the driver, where the driver tells me to stand, stand quietly and not push or move around the bus
  • Not throw objects inside or out of the bus
  • Not poke my arms, legs, or head out of the bus window
  • Not eat or drink on the bus
  • Follow the School rules and treat both the bus and everyone on it with respect
  • Listen to the requirements and instructions from the bus driver and duty teacher at all times
  • Not do anything that could put other passengers, the driver, myself, or other road users at risk
  • I will speak at a volume and in a way that does not distract the driver
  • Wait in the designated place for the bus, or in a clear zone (with no hazards like power poles, trains, or trees), off the sealed road and well back from the road
  • Carry my bag in front of me when I get on and off the bus
  • Sit with my bag on my lap when I am on the bus
  • Wait until the bus has stopped and the door is open before moving to get on
  • Wait until the bus has stopped and the door is open before standing to get off the bus
  • Wait well away from the bus after getting off until the bus has moved away
Parents/Caregivers should alert the office of any changes to their children’s daily bus travel using this form below or phone the receptionist by 1 pm.

For more information on catching the school bus please contact Francesca Salsone at the School Office, ph:  09 420-8494 or email:

Bus Changes Form